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The moment of photovoltaic self-consumption has arrived!

Selsf-consumption Energy

The energy situation is increasingly unsustainable. It is necessary to act!

In the world we are making an increasing impact on their resources. This means that conventional energy sources of fossil origin are exhausted, making their price more expensive and we suffer from the effects of climate change. And nuclear power stations are not the solution: they are expensive, they are not safe and leave some radioactive waste for thousands of years. In Spain, energy dependence abroad is greater than 80%, well above the European average. In addition, the Spanish energy lobby takes advantage of this situation and maintains scandalous profit margins, and see renewables a danger to their interests. They want to maintain a centralized system, where energy production falls into a few. On the other hand, in an energetic model based on renewable energies, production is decentralized, democratized, and closer to the points of consumption (avoiding the loss of transport through the electrical networks).

It is already possible to consume your electricity!

Now we can now make self-consumption facilities connected to the network. The increase in the price of light (+ 70% in the last 5 years) and the lowering of the price of solar panels (-80% in 5 years), already allows photovoltaic energy to be offered at a cheaper price than that of the electric network In addition, it is a renewable energy that allows to reduce emissions of polluting gases and be self-sufficient in energy.


A very simple installation!

A photovoltaic installation of self-consumption for a home or company is very simple: it does not require batteries and does not generate noise or smoke emissions. Its maintenance is minimal, and the manufacturer of the panels guarantees them for 25 years. The energy produced by solar panels is consumed directly. When solar panels do not produce enough (due to lack of solar radiation), electricity can be consumed through the electricity grid.

Solar calculator

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