SUD Cooperation

Awarding of economic support to aid cooperation projects in progress that promote environmental sustainability.

3rd SUD Cooperation Prize

Awarding of economic support to aid cooperation projects in progress that promote environmental sustainability.

This prize is an initiative of the SUD Energies Renovables company to provide support to activities that work for the environmental, social and economic stability of the planet.

Since its foundation, SUD has worked with a commitment to the environment, opting for clean energy production, energy saving and efficiency, and with a social and cultural commitment, in solidarity with the world around us.

Winner 3rd prize:

The project Horticulture through the drip irrigation system and the installation of solar panels in Kadiri, Anantapur district, in the state of Andhra Pradesh (India), presented by the Vicent Ferrer Foundation, it has been selected in the 3rdi prize SUD Cooperation, for the granting of an economic aid of 7500€ .

The award ceremony took place on November 5, 2015, coinciding with the celebration of the 10th. anniversary of SUD

Press releases:


2nd SUD Cooperation Prize

Awarding of economic support to aid cooperation projects in progress that promote the use of renewable energies.

The ceremony was on June 30, 2011 in the Sala Sert of the ‘El Sucre’ building in Vic.

The resolution of the 2nd. Convocation SUD Cooperation is:

  • Prize of 7,500 € for Fundació Global Play, the project “Access to water in the community of Tioribougou region of Koulikoro, Mali.”
  • Prize of 2,500 € for Asociació Utinam  for the project ‘TICED-Oulad Mahmoud, to promote access and use of information technology and communications, Morocco. “


1st SUD Cooperation Prize

The first prize was officially announced in January 2009, with a big success in participation of entities based in Catalonia, and a very satisfactory result.

22 projects were presented, situated around the world: El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mozambique, Senegal, Cambodia, India, and Catalonia as well. Most of the projects presented consisted of a photovoltaic solar installation in order to electrify installations in isolated areas, homes in rural areas, or to pump water for irrigation or domestic use. Other projects were involved in the spheres of waste management, environmental preservation and training.

On the 1 July 2009 the prize-giving ceremony of the SUD Cooperation Prize took place, which in this first edition represented €7,500, of which €5,500 came from SUD, and €2,000 from Ona Capital Privat, constituted by Bon Preu and Fundició Dúctil Benito.

The ceremony took place in the Sala Sert of the ‘El Sucre’ building in Vic, with the presentation of the prize, a talk about ‘Applications of Renewable Energies in countries with limited resources’ by the engineer Pere Badia, the presentation of the projects entered and the awarding of the SUD Cooperation prize to the winning project. Also cooperating were Gramona and the Osona delegation of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

Winning project
The prize was for the NGO Global Humanitaria, for the project to supply drinking water to the town of Kork (Cambodia) by means of pumping water from a well with a photovoltaic solar installation. Under evaluation in the project was the work with a local organisation and the fact that with a ‘small’ action, consisting of the installation of some photovoltaic modules to pump water from an already-existing well, they managed to cover a need as basic as the supply of drinking water, and also with a big impact, since it supplies to both the hospital and the neighbouring villages.

SUD Energies Renovables offered Global Humanitaria the assessment and technical support necessary to ensure to the maximum the correct functioning of the installation, and from this dialogue and teamwork, the photovoltaic installation was completed, which has been in operation very successfully since February 2010, supplying both the health centre and the local population.


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