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Activities and Services

Photovoltaic solar energy

  • “Turnkey” projects on land and rooftops.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Processing of permits and procedures with the administration.
  • GOperations with the electric companies.
  • Procedures with the Department of Industry (obtaining the REPE and RIPRE installation registers.
  • Financing procedures and economic control of the installations.

Thermal solar energy

  • “Turnkey” projects in both homes and in the industrial field.
  • Calculation, design and optimisation of power systems, incorporating solar energy into the power process of industries.
  • Revisions and maintenance of thermal solar installations.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Processing of permits and procedures with the administration.
  • Financing procedures and economic control of the installations.

Sud Renovables is a specialist in covered installations, both industrial and of homes, with solutions for all kinds of roofing.

Wind power

  • Assembly of anemometric towers.
  • Planning of wind-measuring campaigns.
  • Treatment and monitoring of wind data.
  • Production of Wind Power Potential Studies (modelling of resource on digital topography, using specialised software).
  • Landscape Integration Studies (photomontage of terrain with the future wind power park).
  • Consultancy and Engineer of Wind Power Parks.
  • Installation and starting up of small aero-generators.


We use combustion technology for small domestic boilers, as well as for boilers of different sizes for industrial use. They can operate with pellet or chip.

When we design an electricity and power production plant by means of biomass, we usually plan the more efficient and cleaner gasification technology.

Biomass does not contribute to the greenhouse effect, since the CO2 generated in the combustion is reabsorbed by means of photosynthesis in plants necessary for its production.

Energy efficiency

Before the current situation of a notable increase in energy consumption in recent years, and foreseeing that in the immediate future energy will be an increasingly expensive product, in order to maintain their levels of competitiveness, companies will have to reduce plant energy costs, whether in terms of saving in their buildings, in the reduction of consumption in their industrial processes or through the integration of renewable energies, which in the medium term means greater independence from the price of energy.

  • Energy audits
  • Accreditation of service providers and energy auditors
  • Promotion of efficiency in the supply of energy


Towards a decentralized energy model

Royal Decree 1699/2011 approved in December 2011 opens the door to self-consumption of electric power for powers up to 100kW. The current dependence of Spain on conventional energies (in a context of uncertainty and increase in prices) and the improvement in efficiency and lower prices of solar panels, now allows to offer photovoltaic energy at a more competitive price than that of the conventional electrical network. In addition, it is a renewable energy that allows reducing emissions of polluting gases (the main cause of global warming) and be self-sufficient energy.

A simple installation

A solar photovoltaic installation for self-consumption of a home or business, connected to the electricity grid, is very simple: it does not require batteries and does not generate noise or smoke emissions. Its maintenance, in addition, is minimal, and its reliability is guaranteed by the manufacturer of the panels for 25 years. The energy produced by the solar panels is either directly consumed if there is electricity demand or it is injected into the electricity grid. When the solar panels do not produce (there is not enough solar radiation) you can continue to consume electricity through the electrical network. The main objective after 12 months is to obtain a net energy balance, that is to say: as much energy has been produced with the photovoltaic installation as that which has been consumed.


We make lighting projects considering the constant evolution of the technology in the world of illumination. We study any case to reduce electric consumption to getting a sustainable and efficient lighting.
Projects with funding possibility.
SUD Colaborate with Novatilu who give his experience in the world of illumination.


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